Laying Bricks: The House Rebuilds

Moving Forward

MONTREAL (AP) - After a more than satisfying "freshman" year... The HOUSE of DAVID is ready to undergo its sophomore year in the BWISL. With the loss of 4 core players, mainly Micheal Tallarico along with Lynch brothers Chris and Sean. The HOUSE had a lot of work to do during the off-season. On the mound, The HOUSE signed southpaw Charles Dusseault along with power right hander Patrick Keating in an attempt to reduce the number of walks the pitching staff allowed in 2016. "Base on balls were an epidemic last year. Felt like part of our pitching staff... meh... forget it... i'm not even going there" jokingly said Yves after practice. Hopefully the new acquisitions will pay-off at the number 1 position.

In the diamond, veteran infielders Harry Assimakopoulos and Will Castillo were also put under contract to add experience at the left side of the infield. Catcher Francis Normandeau will add arm-strength and toughness behind plate.

With the return of Yves Benabu at center-field, and John Nezri at left-field, Co-Managers Bernard Cohen and Mica B. Simon, The HOUSE is roster-ready to showcase its talent on the field. "It was time to add more speed at the outfield" mentioned John Nezri. This is what Manager Mica had to say: "Last year we seemed so vulnerable and fragile. As strong as we were on paper, we felt like we could easily crumble on the field... This edition of The HOUSE is an improved version, more balanced with a much better clubhouse vibe..."

"Let's have fun and playball" discretely replied Bernard